Careers Week 2014

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Topic: UNE Careers Office

Presenter:  Julia Perryman

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Topic:  PLT @ QUT

Presenter:  Allan Chay

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Topic:  Private Solicitor

Presenter:  Chelsea Schafer, Moin and Associates

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Topic:  Private Solicitor

Presenters:  Scott Waterson and David Clifton, Clifton Legal

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Topic:  PLT @ ANU

Presenters:  Craig Collins and Skye Saunders

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Topic:  In-House Lawyers

Presenter:  Lloyd Thompson

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Topic:  Magistrate

Presenter:  Magistrate Karen Stafford

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Topic:  Juvenile Justice

Presenter:  Mark Hinder

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Topic:  PLT @ College of Law

Presenter:  Michael Holland

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Topic:  Police Prosecutor

Presenter:  Jim McDonald

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Topic:  Academia and Postgraduate Study

Presenters:  Skye O’Dwyer and Karen Lee

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Topic:  Criminology- Profiling

Presenter:  Claire Ferguson

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Topic:  Criminology- Forensics

Presenter:  Xanthe Mallett

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Topic:  Criminology- Policing

Presenter:  Roger Best

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Topic:  Politics- State Member

Presenter:  The Hon Adam Marshall

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Topic:  Politics- Federal Member

Presenter:  The Hon Barnaby Joyce

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Careers Week 2013

Careers in Politics:

Government Graduate Positions:



The College of Law PLT:

Probation and Parole:

Politics Academia and Research:

Criminology Academia and Research: 

Local Magistrate:

Private Legal Practice: 

Careers – Self Assessment:


In House Legal Practice:

Law Academia and Legal Research:

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Community Legal Practice

Cupcakes and Careers Day

Presented by UNE Careers Centre

Summary: A resume writing workshop specifically tailored for law students.  Held April 4, 2013.

To download the podcast of the session, please click on the link below:




Kay Smith, College of Law Seminar- ‘PLT’

College of Law,  Director of Practical Legal Training

Summary: “A talk about the course you will have to do after you graduate if you wish to practice law.”

Presentation from the College of Law











Patrick Shepherdson, Kirby Seminar- ‘Just Healing’

NSW Department of Attorney General and Justice, Assistant Director of Crime Prevention

Summary– “This lecture is about how a growing body of research recognises the relationship between past Australian government policy and practice and the drastic over-representation of Aboriginal people in the criminal justice system. Similarly, numerous studies informed by consultation with Aboriginal people identify the relationship between colonisation, dispossession and child removal policies and epidemic levels of violence, abuse and addiction. Given these reports all suggest a need for healing as a priority to address the grief and trauma that continues to lead Aboriginal people into the criminal justice system, recent evaluations of Indigenous sentencing courts were considered to explore whether they facilitate or support healing. Analysis of the evaluations of two Australian Indigenous sentencing courts suggests that while they have had no discernible impact on Aboriginal re-offending rates, they may in fact support community and individual healing in some regards. However it also suggests the programs’ potential will remain unrealised unless they look beyond the administration of justice and better acknowledge the relationship between Aboriginal social and emotional wellbeing and over-representation in the criminal justice system.”

Patrick Shepherdson – Just Healing
Power Point Slides












Dr Diana Eades, Lecture on Linguistics in the Court Room

UNE Lecturer

Summary– “A fundamental aim of courtroom cross-examination is to elicit the agreement
of witnesses to damaging and/or conflicting propositions. This talk will discuss and
illustrate some of the linguistic mechanisms used in securing such agreement. But it can
be questionable for the law to construct such answers to pressured cross-examination as
“free and voluntary consent” to propositions expressed by lawyers. Analysis of an
Australian abduction case shows how the apparent agreeement of witnesses to crossexamination
propositions was layered with other problematic construals of consent. I
will question the ways in which the law ignores the contexts of interactions in its
construction of consent in individual mental terms – for example in cases of abduction
and rape – both in the courtroom and in its courtroom investigation of consent beyond
the courtroom.”

Dr Eades – Consent

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