UNE School of Law’s collaboration with the Royal University of Bhutan



 Building upon UNE’s long established friendship and cooperation with the Royal University of Bhutan (RUB), Professors Michael Stuckey and Mark Perry recently visited the Gaeddu College of Business Studies (RUB). The visit finalised the plans between the partners to co-teach law subjects using state-of-the-art technology. Students from both institutions will jointly participate in Intellectual Property and Tax classes later in 2014, making the most of shared expertise and strengthening their skills to operate effectively in a globalized world.

 UNE and RUB are working together to maximize the opportunities for their students to become competent and confident in law and business in a transnational world.

 UNE students who would like to visit Bhutan, and participate face-to-face learning about how the Bhutanese concept of gross national happiness articulates into the world of business and law, also have the chance to avail themselves of a generous offer by RUB to host short visits. UNE students who are interested in such an opportunity are advised to contact the office of the Head of School (Professor Stuckey) at hoslaw@une.edu.au

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