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Each year the members of the LSS elect an Executive Committee for the following year (as per our constitution).  The committee consists of: a President, 3 Vice Presidents (Externals, Education and Social), Secretary, Treasurer, and a variety of officers who oversee specific tasks (Publications, Marketing, Social Justice & Equity, Sponsorship and IT).

Between them, the Executive work together to create and promote LSS events and publications, as well as providing advice and support to Law students at UNE.  All Executive members are volunteers, and perform their roles in addition to their studies.

The executive meets weekly during term time- all members are welcome to come along.  For more information on dates and venues please email lsociety@une.edu.au.

UNELSS Executive Committee 2015

President- Mark Jongebloed

I’m really honoured to be LSS president for 2015. We are the largest affiliated society at UNE thanks to the support from the students, the university and the efforts of previous executives.My job is to keep that momentum going by building on last years activities. We’ve got a few balls in the air; We’re aiming to continue hosting the cocktail party, academic competitions, careers week and providing a great experience to externals visiting for intensives, with some more nifty merchandise in the shop and a couple of other surprises.

I’m excited to be working with this years executive because they are a great bunch, but mainly because they tolerate my slightly unhealthy obsession with Mariah Carey.

We love to hear from students, so if you have any ideas or feedback or would like to get involved with the society, you can always get in touch with us via email, or through our Facebook page, or find us in the office next to the staff law library.

Vice President (Externals)-Kelly Hodges

Kelly-VPExternal Hey, I’m Kelly, and I’m a 4th year Criminology/Law student.I did live on campus up until July of last year and now have moved to Melbourne with my partner. I am still studying full time and also juggle a full time job as well.This year I am the Vice President (Externals) of the LSS  and want to make sure that all of my fellow hard working external students are supported and provided with all the opportunities that are available to ensure success!

The previous VP (external) has done an amazing job and I hope to be able to fill her shoes. If I can help you out LET ME KNOW!! I’m here to help :)

Vice President (Education)- Gemma Bryan

I’m in my third year of my Criminology and Law degree.I used to live on campus at EPC but moved into Armidale this year.I am the Vice President (Education) of the LSS. This role entails running academic law competitions, organising Careers Week and just generally providing law students with someone to talk to if they are confused about units, their course, lecturers, career plans etc.

I think the previous Executive did an amazing job in reviving the LSS and i hope to keep that ball rolling this year. Can’t wait for all the exciting things ahead!

Vice President (Social)- Alexandra Hall


Secretary- Hayley Simpson

hayley-Secretary My name is Hayley Simpson and I currently live at Earle Page College. I am in my 4th year of a combined degree of Laws and Business.My role as secretary means that I will be taking the minutes from the meetings to ensure all information is recorded and assisting in welcoming our newest members with a welcome package. I will also be ensuring all LLS orders are received and posted.

Treasurer- Jess Urquhart

I am currently in my third year of a Bachelor of Criminology and Law.I have lived in town while at UNE.I am the treasurer of the UNE LSS and am enjoying the experience.My role as treasurer is to keep an eye on our income and expenditure, ensuring we don’t go over budget and that we spend the money in the right places.I am looking forward to all the events we have coming up this year, particularly the careers week as I really enjoyed that last year.

Publications Officer- Molly Zarb

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES I am a fourth year in Arts/Law and live in Armidale.My role as Publications Officer is to publish the newsletter, The Fine Print, and to come up with ideas for other publications throughout the year that will be helpful to students.

I am looking forward to letting everyone know what the LSS has been up to and about upcoming events.

Sponsorship Officer- Riley Todd

I am currently living in Armidale as an internal student in my third year of a combined Criminology/Laws degree.My role as Sponsorship Officer involves liaising with current and future sponsors including businesses, legal practices and other tertiary education providers in order to seek fundamental monetary sponsorship for the LSS.

This funding will allow the Society to continue providing support and opportunities to all members.

IT Officer (returning)- Jen Mitchell

I take care of all things IT-related from the website, mailing list, Moodle, Social Media etc to our online store.  I’ve also been known to provide tech support in exchange for bribes of caffeinated or sugary treats.This is my third year on the UNELSS Executive- clearly I’m a glutton for punishment!

I’m in the 3rd year of a B Laws, and one of the few exec members who doesn’t live in Armidale- if you’re a fellow external I might see you at the intensive schools.

Social Justice & Equity Officer- Jypsi Mabbott

jypsi-SJE Hello! I’m an internal student living in Armidale and entering into my third year of my Bachelor of Criminology/Bachelor of Laws in 2015.My role as Social Justice and Equity Officer is to provide support and assistance in conjunction with the rest of the Executive in order to meet the needs of every student, and in particular strive to provide access and inclusion to those who may suffer disadvantage in entering into or continuing their tertiary education.

My aim is to gauge the needs of these students, and work out ways the team and I can fulfil those needs.

Marketing Officer- Ali Pettit

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