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The UNE Law Students’ Society provides opportunities for UNE law students to connect with each other and with academics beyond the classroom setting, and to enjoy their time as law students.

The LSS organises academic, cultural, social and sporting activities, in an effort to supplement students’ legal education. The Society enjoys a strong and interactive relationship with the School of Law, enabling us to act as a conduit between the staff, the school and the student body. The UNE Law Students’ Society also endeavours to provide ways for UNE law students to connect more easily to the wider legal world.

Key activities we are undertaking this year include the Mock Trial Competition, LSS Cocktail Night, The EBL Ball, Academic and Social Justice Guest Speakers, and the Multi-Sport Challenge between the Law School and BEPP.

Membership of the LSS costs just $15, and entitles members to discounted rates to LSS hosted events and LSS merchandise, access to LSS facilities and a rather splendid membership card.

Join us in our common room in the Law School, post right here on our wall, or email us at lsociety@une.edu.au if you have any enquiries, suggestions, or just feel like a chat!


2 Thoughts on “About Us

  1. John Boman on February 25, 2015 at 12:24 pm said:


    As an external student, is it of benefit for me to join the Law Society? How do I join?

    I have a concern that as an external student, we may be missing out on some of the benefits internal students receive from being on campus.


    John Boman

    • unelss on March 9, 2015 at 4:05 pm said:

      Hi John,

      As an external student you get:

      * Access to the UNELSS Moodle site- here you can access podcasts of presentations given to internals during Careers Week, our Newsletter, and various other useful publications and resources.
      * Free postage on any items you order through the online store
      * LSS-hosted events during intensive schools (which have historically included morning tea/lunch and trivia events)
      * Free tea/coffee/hot chocolate in the LSS room when you come to campus
      * Advocacy and support when you need it- depending on your issue the Vice President Externals, Vice President Education, Social Justice Officer, IT Officer and President can help.

      Depending on how close you are to Armidale, it may also be feasible for you to come to some of our other social events. If you do, you’ll get a member discount on admission.

      You only have to pay the $15 membership fee once, and your membership will continue for the life of your degree.

      Applying for membership is a two-step process. First, fill in the application form at: http://unelss.org/membership/. Then either pay by electronic funds transfer (details on the membership page), or pay via Paypal by ordering the item ‘membership’ through our online store.

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