2015 Academic Competitions

Academic competitions give you the opportunity to get some practical experience with feedback from practicing solicitors. This trimester, UNELSS is coordinating a Client Interviewing Competition and a Letter of Advice Competition, judged by UNE Alumni who are practicing as solicitors in the local area.  These competitions do not require completion of particular units or knowledge of a particular subject area, you are assessed on your ability to be able to communicate clearly and professionally with prospective clients. Because there is no particular knowledge required, we encourage all students to participate.


This competition involves pairs of competitors acting as solicitors and interviewing a client. It assesses competitors on their ability to establish and develop a relationship with clients quickly, understand the client’s situation, and extract relevant information from the client.

To Enter:

  1. Pick a partner
  2. Download and fill out the registration form and return it to lsociety@une.edu.au by 8 May 2015.
  3. You will receive a memo a week before the interview, explaining when and where your interview is, and giving you some idea as to the clients general enquiry (8 May 2015).
  4. Meet up with your partner to consider techniques,  questions to ask the client. You might like to peruse this video or this handbook to help you prepare.
  5. Show up to the interview on the 15 May 2015. We will communicate your allocated time to you closer to the date, using the email address you provide for registration.You will have half an hour to extract information from your client by building a rapport with them and asking key questions. Then you must reflect upon your interviewing techniques to the judges and tell them what the experience taught you, what you could’ve done better and where you thought you succeeded.


In this competition, you will receive a brief summary of a client’s legal problem. You are asked to formulate a letter of advice to the client communicating their legal position with respect to the issues raised in the client summary. Remember, although this is not dissimilar to a scenario question you might get in an assignment, here you will be judged on your ability to communicate with a non-legal audience in mind.

What you must do to enter;

  1. Fill out the registration form.
  2. Download the letter of advice scenario and begin researching cases and legal criterion relevant to the scenario.
  3. Put your findings into a logical response in a letter form no more then 1500 words. This guide may be of assistance to you.
  4. Return your entry with your registration form to lsociety@une.edu.au by 4pm, 15 May 2015.


For further information contact Gemma Bryan at gbryan@myune.edu.au.

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